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Nash Teelow

""Canvas House has been a labour of love that was inspired by the way we live""

Director, Nash Teelow


We bring the extra-ordinary to life.

Great events don’t just happen–they are a coming together of design, function, and second-to-none service. The Canvas House team has perfected the art of a great event through a combined 20 years’ experience in high-end hospitality, hosting, and event management.

Connected with the best-of-the-best of Melbourne-based suppliers, our network becomes yours when it comes to finding the perfect partners to bring your vision to life.

We take inspiration from one place only–you–and weave it into a multi-sensory experience that will leave your guests wanting more.

More than a space, Canvas House is a destination. We take inspiration from one place only–you–and weave it into a multi-sensory experience that will impact your guests for a lifetime.

Warm, welcoming, and experts in event hosting, design, and management, we invite you to explore Canvas House.

Great events happen here. 

It’s all in a name

We are often asked how the name Canvas House was born. People often mistakenly think our name is a subtle reference to the blank canvas nature of the space and its ability to be easily and quickly transformed. In fact when looking for a name, Nash wanted it to reference the history of South Melbourne.

The area, now known as South Melbourne was first settled by the Europeans in the 1840s and became known as Emerald Hill. During the Victorian Gold Rush of 1851 a tent city, known as Canvas Town was established and the area soon became home to tens of thousands of migrants from around the world.

When working on the design of the space, Nash knew that she needed to incorporate House into the name, and upon learning the history of the area, she knew immediately that Canvas House was not only a way to pay homage, but to celebrate the purpose of the space – bringing people together.

Nash Teelow

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Hailing from two decades’ of experience among Australia’s best Marketing and PR teams, Nash Teelow has mastered the art of the event.

After pivoting into high-end hosting and hospitality alongside some of the city’s best food and beverage partners, Nash now welcomes guests into South Melbourne’s immaculately positioned Canvas House. 

Inspired by Melburnians unique blend of past meets present, Nash’s Canvas House has come to reflect the city’s ethos: warm, welcoming, and the subject of constant change.

Believing that the Canvas House heritage property is at the centre of Melbourne’s back story, Nash continues to transform the vaulted ceilings and multi-use warehouse with infinite potential to create the perfect destination for weddings, milestones, and corporate events.

Leading Melbourne’s event hosting charge with her natural instinct for personalised decor and extraordinary client support, Nash is rightly crowned the High Hostess of Canvas House–

where we bring great events to life.

Aarron Baker

With over 20 years’ experience servicing some of the world’s most vibrant venues, Aarron Baker’s expertise in hospitality, Marketing, and Social Media Management has ignited Canvas House’s already impressive resume.

An expert in luxury venue hosting, event management, and with a taste for high-end design, Aarron’s intuitive ease, humour, and welcoming nature have found a natural home among the Canvas House team.

The right-hand man to founder Nash Teelow, Aarron has joined the helm of one of South Melbourne’s most striking venue spaces and event management teams. The true embodiment of excellent service and warm support, Aarron’s intuitive understanding of the Canvas House promise and brand ensures that every event is executed with sophistication and charm.

Have extraordinary on your mind? Contact the Canvas House team to learn more about hosting your next event at our timeless property.

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