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Call the girls… you’re getting married!!!

A hen do, or bachelorette party as it’s also known, is normally held a month or so before your wedding day, and it’s a chance to gather your gals and have one big jamboree to send away your pre-wedding nerves and celebrate with your closest friends as you say goodbye to your single life. The concept is a bit outdated, yes, but who are we to turn down any opportunity to get the speakers and bubbly out!

We’re not saying the hen party is more fun than the wedding… but… here’s 10 of the unique hen’s party themes for 2024 that will absolutely raise the bar for The Big Day (the other one, where the men are allowed).

Top 10 Unique Hen’s Party Themes For 2024

Our 10 unique hen’s party ideas and themes for 2024 are:

  1. Here Come The Brides
  2. Latex & Leather
  3. Mamma Mia!
  4. Dress As Your Partner
  5. Smurfs
  6. Cowgirls In Space
  7. Pastel
  8. Glittering Grannies
  9. Cock-A-Doodle Do
  10. Sten-Do // Hag Party

Three women wearing white robes and cucumber slices on their eyes, smiling and enjoying a pampering session at a pyjama party.


1. Here Come The Brides

For whatever the reason, many well-loved wedding dresses end up in charity shops. While some do get worn again for someone else’s big day, the reality is that many end up ripped to shreds and covered in fake blood for Bridezilla Halloween costumes, or doomed to an eternal life in the display window.

Ask your guests to get their hands on a charity-shop wedding dress for your hen’s party theme, and your ‘bridal party’ will become a literal ‘party full of brides’, who’ve donated some money to a good cause at the same time.

Three women dressed in shiny black latex outfits and black bunny masks posing in front of a sparkling golden background.


2. Latex & Leather

Catwoman, stand aside. Latex and leather is back, in a big, bad way. Whether you take your style inspiration from Beyonce, Emma Watson, Kim Kardashian or Dua Lipa, pop culture icons have made it clear that 2024 is the year for skin-tight, black latex and leather that hugs your bod in all the right places.

And what could make you feel sexier than a night with all your girls, dressed to the nines, sipping your dirty martini, playing the sultriest of songs and having photoshoots that would make even Sandy from Grease feel jealous?

Vibrant blue wooden chairs and table in front of a quaint cafe with blue window frames and white walls, decorated with climbing roses.


3. Mamma Mia!

Let’s go to the other end of the spectrum, with a family-friendly hen’s party theme that you’ll be happy to bring your mother-in-law to. The Meryl Streep-led film ‘Mamma Mia!’ follows a young bride’s journey in the lead up to her wedding day.

Most Abba fans are familiar with the iconic hen-do scene; a night of fever-dream dancing in a Greek taverna, and the occasional 70s disco performance from Mum & Co’s former glory days.

Turn your venue space into a Mediterranean island for the night by decorating your archways with delicately scented jasmine and covering the walls in white and blue wallpaper, and you can have your very own Mamma Mia-fied hen-do with Abba blasting all night long.

Young woman wearing a pink sweater and a white party mask shaped like glasses and mustache, holding the mask to her face and making a playful expression.


4. Dress As Your Partner

Sure, you love your fiancé, but what’s a healthy relationship without some gentle teasing? Though your future spouse may not be attending your hen-do in person, their spirit can still be felt.

Tell your guests to come dressed as the one you’ll soon be exchanging vows with, whether you provide a picture brief, or leave it up to their imaginations – and get a true glimpse of how your friends see your beau.

Serve your partner’s favourite drinks and nibbles at your local event space, and bust out their signature dance moves on a neon dance floor, like the one we have ready-and-waiting at Canvas House.

Two Smurf figurines, one blue and one pink, placed in front of a fluffy pink background with pearls.


5. Smurfs

Looking to make a statement with your hen party theme without it necessarily being a raunchy one? Have a smurf-themed bachelorette! What other opportunity do you get to cover yourself in blue paint, wear a pointy white hat and wear what essentially looks like a white nappy?

With this theme, you’re guaranteed to be laughing all night, and truly let out any last minute nerves with your girls: you simply can’t be stressed when you’re dressed like a smurf. Serve blue curacao cocktails for that extra level of commitment, and host all the classic kids games like Twister and Musical Statues. As unique party themes go, you’ll struggle to find a hen-do like it. 

Ornate cowboy boots and a cowboy hat placed on a rustic wooden stool, symbolizing western style for a unique hen's party theme.


6. Cowgirls In Space

Your upcoming title as ‘newly-weds’’ signals your foray into new adventures with your spouse. You’ll be covering new ground together, discovering new planets, as it were, and battling alien concepts like house mortgages and marriage tax.

On the other hand, you’re giving up your Wild West side, the reckless, rodeo-loving free spirit who can’t be tamed by man nor beast nor mechanical bull. Marry up the two (if you will), with a space-cowgirl foray for your hen do. Dress as an astronaut, a toe-tapping cowgirl, or both, and host a surreal, raucous party that’s as wild as your besties on a Friday night.

A collection of pink, purple, and white balloons floating, tied with ribbons, ideal for a celebration background.


7. Pastel

At the start of the year, Pantone hailed ‘peach fuzz’ as the colour of 2024. This cosy shade of orangy pink spun pastel fans into a frenzy, claiming pastel colours are back in vogue for spring and summer, and for good reason.

These gentle hues spin a relaxed twist onto any do, and as a dress code or general colour scheme, your hen’s party theme will be clearly signposted as a classy, low-key affair. Host the ultimate, sophisticated cocktail party with elegant coupe glasses for your flowing champagne, and serve your drinks with edible flowers for that extra touch of refined femininity.

Elderly fashionable woman with a pink coat and yellow beret applying lipstick while looking into a handheld mirror.


8. Glittering Grannies

You’re going to be with your dearly beloved until you’re ‘old and grey’, right? Well, why not put the words into practice by grabbing the gang and dressing yourselves in nighties, knit skirts, and sensible cardigans, and stay up well past your bedtime for your hen-do.

Have a rootle in the grey wig and glasses department of your local fancy dress store, and hitch those stockings right up. Stick to the theme and serve cupcakes and sweet treats, or play all the traditional eyebrow-raising hen party games, with the added hilarity of your fancy dress causing a real sight for sore eyes.

Woman wearing a chicken mask holding a disco ball against a yellow background as one of the unique hen's party ideas.


9. Cock-A-Doodle Do

Did you know that hen do’s are so-called after the Middle English expression for a congregation of women? It’s not often you see a group of literal, human-sized chickens parading round the streets on a hen night. But for the bride-to-be who doesn’t want to take the whole marriage thing too seriously, getting your crew to dress up as the feathery, flightless birds you’re named after sounds like an equally unforgettable party.

Make sure the experienced bartenders at Canvas House are serving you eggnog, as well as all the other cock-tails that contain egg whites… or does that count as cannibalism?

Group of people cheerfully clinking champagne glasses in a festive toast at a formal celebration.


10. Sten-Do // Hag Party

Not all of us choose our nearest and dearest from the same sex. Aside from that, some couples have been entwined in each other’s lives and networks for so long that it really is impossible to distinguish which friend ‘belongs’ to who. There’s nothing wrong with breaking tradition and having your guy pals share the day with you.

Or, you can host a hybrid, shared ‘sten’ or ‘hag’ with your significant other, rather than forcing your mates to pick which event to attend if you’re planning to host over the same weekend, or making them spend double the money going to both. After all, a party is whatever you make it!


Wrapping Up The 10 Unique Hen’s Party Ideas For 2024

Whether it’s hosting a wholesome weekend you’ll never forget or a ‘one-night-only’ you probably will, however you choose to celebrate your bachelorette, make sure it’s with the people you care about most. When it comes down to it, a hen-do is just a massive party to get the celebration going in anticipation of your wedding day, so let your hair down and dance out all that nervous energy.

And, if just planning your hen’s party is causing you headaches before you can even think about the ‘W’ word, you can reach out to our expert team at Canvas House for help with preparations for the main event. We’ve hosted an impressive number of weddings over the years in our stunning Melbourne venue, and with decades of experience in event planning behind us, we know how to pull off a real showstopper, bringing you more than just the space to hold it in.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your event plans, wishes and requirements, and let us work our magic fairy godmother wand to turn you into the blushing bride you deserve to be.

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