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In 2022, 127,161 marriages were registered in Australia – the nation’s all-time high. That works out to an average of 348 every day; and that’s assuming an equal percentage of those happy couples were happy to tie the knot on a Monday. More likely, there were at least 500 weddings happening every day over weekends and other popular times of the year to get married.

With all that said – how do you make your wedding stand out, or simply feel as authentic and personal as your unique love story?

In this article, we’re going through 8 unique ideas to make your wedding day even more personal, from before the ceremony has even started, to the time your guests are leaving.

8 Unique Wedding Ideas to Create a Truly Personalised Special Day

Our 8 unique wedding ideas to add a personal touch to your special day are:

  1. Private Couple Reveal
  2. Ninja Vows
  3. Marriage Certificate Lottery
  4. Custom Monogram
  5. Love Story Cocktails
  6. It’s Summer Somewhere
  7. Mulled Wine, Spice & All Things Nice
  8. Winter Olympics
  9. Midnight In Paris
  10. Christmas In July



Close-up of a couple's hands with wedding rings, the bride's hand adorned with a diamond ring and bracelet, resting on the groom's hand.

1. Private Couple Reveal

It’s a real tearjerker; the moment you see each other for the first time on the day. The phones come out, the gasps fill the room, the tissues rustle out of bags. But… consider sharing this intimate moment between only the two of you.

Just as bridesmaids and immediate family traditionally see a bride before the whole affair kicks off, or as the groomsmen are busy pep-talking a groom ahead of the ceremony, there’s no reason the couple shouldn’t get the same private experience to enjoy for themselves. Capture this precious time with your wedding photographer, share it with your closest friends or family, or keep it between you and your partner.



Two gold wedding rings placed on a table with a bouquet of flowers in the background, featuring pink and white roses.

2. Ninja Vows

For something a little different that breaks from tradition and offers to help ease the anxiety you might feel during a wedding ceremony, consider ninja vows. Essentially, it’s where your partner will write your vows, and vice versa.

Of course, this is your opportunity to get your partner to say out loud all the amazing things about you and give everyone a good laugh to shake out some of those wedding nerves. But a word of warning: be mindful not to accidentally embarrass your significant other in front of all your guests!



Bride in a lace dress signing a marriage certificate with the groom standing beside her, both focusing on the paperwork.

3. Marriage Certificate Lottery

Your marriage has to be ‘officiated’ by at least two witnesses, no matter how small or large your wedding is going to be. They’ll watch you sign the dotted line that recognises your legally recognised partnership as newly-weds.

Save the awkward conversations and avoid choosing who you want to pick to witness your marriage, by asking guests if they’d like to go into your ‘marriage certificate lottery’ for the role.



Custom wedding monogram with the initials "MN" surrounded by an elegant floral design.

4. Custom Monogram

A custom monogram is a decadent way to truly personalise your wedding day. Post it on your wedding invitations, at the entrance to your venue, on napkins and any other wedding memorabilia.

An artist or graphic designer can combine your initials to create a unique pattern that will elegantly commemorate your marriage. They can also create a great focal piece in the centre of the dancefloor at your wedding venue.



5. Love Story Cocktail List

A picture says a thousand words… and so does a cocktail. Make up your own cocktails or serve the classics, but switch the names to include little hints of your love story to make your big day as personalised as it can be.

Incorporate your names, the place you met, holidays, key words or phrases associated with your relationship, and anything else that ties the two of you together. For quicker service, your experienced professional bar team can pre-batch these cocktails ahead of the big day.



Two grooms dancing together at their wedding reception, surrounded by guests holding sparklers, with warm string lights in the background.

6. Song Requests

On your wedding invites, ask your guests to pick a song they’d like you to play at the wedding (subject to your vetting, of course). It could be a song they want you to hear as newly-weds, a suggestion for a first dance, or one that resembles your connection to each other in some way.

Whether you’re opting for a live band or DJ, hook up to our incredible sound system in our space here at Canvas House, and make your guests feel heard as their chosen song plays out on your wedding day.



Display of various wedding cake toppers featuring different couples, including same-sex couples, holding hands and standing together.

7. Personalised Cake Toppers

You can plan the classiest wedding there is, but when it comes to a moment of customisation, why not opt for personalised cake toppers… as silly as they get? Keep them for years to come, give them to the chief flower girl or page boy, or leave them as a comical thank you gift for your diligent parents, besties, wedding planners, or whoever else helped you put the day together and come up with other great event ideas.



Beautifully wrapped wedding favors with floral decorations, arranged neatly on a woven mat.

8. Wedding Favours

Whilst it’s not customary to give your guests a wedding favour to thank them for their attendance, it is a lovely way to show your gratitude.

You can add a personal touch with handwritten notes, a photo of you and the guest, or even having a photographer take polaroids to include with them on the day. For personalised wedding favours, choose something relevant to your wedding location, how you met or your relationship. Wedding favours don’t need to be expensive, so see them as an opportunity to do something special for your guests.



Make A Special Day That Reflects Your Love Story With Unique Wedding Ideas

Here we’ve covered just a handful of unique wedding ideas to add a personal touch to your celebration. To discover an endless list of creative twists, pick the brains of our experienced party planning team. We’ve hosted a humble percentage of the weddings from that huge statistic, so we know how to pull off a wedding that’s stylish, fun, and completely tailored to your preferences.

A wedding is at its core a celebration of the love between you and your future spouse. So whilst you may have your disagreeable aunty Hillary or snooty friend Peter inevitably turning up their noses at all those unique wedding ideas; they’re not who you should be trying to impress. Plan a day that is exactly how you and your partner would like to celebrate, and your guests should feel honoured to be present for it.

Contact Canvas House today via email, or through our quick inquiry form, to find out how we can turn your wedding day ideas, thoughts and plans into an unforgettable day.

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