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Whether you follow the religious holiday or not – one thing is for certain: Easter is a perfect excuse to throw a party. An extra-long weekend, chocolates and sweets aplenty, and warm enough weather to enjoy being outside (fingers crossed)!

That being said, sometimes it can feel difficult to know what theme to go for when planning an Easter bash, beyond just the Easter bunny and crazy patterned eggs. That’s why we’ve written this blog with Easter party ideas and themes you can use for our adaptable event space, whether hosting a daytime or evening, family-friendly or adults only affair.

The Top 10 Easter Party Ideas To Have:

Here are our top 10 easter party ideas to inspire you in 2024:

  1. Floral On Floral
  2. Easter Egg Hunt
  3. Buffet Lunch
  4. Masquerade Ball
  5. Children’s Traditional Carnival
  6. Casino Night
  7. Easter Latin Fiesta
  8. Garden Party
  9. Great Gatsby Soiree
  10. Cosy Bonfire

best easter party ideas

1. Floral On Floral

Easter may traditionally (at least in the Western world), be a celebration of Spring and new life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the beauty of the natural world in early Autumn. A floral theme is an easy way to bring colour, life and fun to your Easter party. We most often see large swathes of flowers reserved for weddings or funerals, so why not let them take centre stage and be the focal point of your party for once? 

Amongst the many Easter party ideas that will be highlighted, you could take this theme as artistically or literally as you want, by asking guests to wear floral prints, or just sticking to a floral decor. Create floral-themed cocktails and edible flower treats with a helping hand from our bar team here at Canvas House. Most importantly, make sure to cover every square inch of space with the most colourful blooms you can get your hands on – or just ask our team to do the hard work for you.

floral on floral easter party theme

2. Easter Egg Hunt

A classic theme for an Easter party, but for good reason. If you want to host a kid-friendly event, an Easter egg hunt is a must-do, provided you have large enough grounds to make it exciting. Whether you choose to use real or chocolate eggs is up to you, but be mindful of hot weather and messy hands!

You could also set up an egg-decorating station, where kids can carefully draw over their eggs and create fun personalities and names for them. And hey, who said this had to be a children-only activity? Host another round or two for the adults as the sun is setting and watch chaos ensue as you dash around with wooden baskets trying to find what the Easter bunny left out for you.

easter egg hunt party

3. Buffet Lunch

Everyone loves ‘a big spread’. Embrace the essence of generosity and fresh starts by putting on a great feast for your friends and family, complete with beautiful long tables with white and blue linen tablecloths and paper decorations. 

Easter is a fantastic occasion for connecting with loved ones, and a relaxed sit-down affair is a lovely way to catch-up. At Canvas House, we have a fully stocked commercial-size kitchen that’s perfect for private dining or a winter event, so you can invite all those distant cousins and even the older relatives you can’t remember the names of and congregate for a big family lunch with an eye-watering menu.

easter buffet for lunch

4. Masquerade Ball

If you want to host a party with a little more raunch to it, a masquerade ball is the perfect pick for something different this Easter. Expect your guests to wear a lot of black, red and gold, and wait til the sun goes down before kicking things off with moody low-lighting and flowing champagne. 

Traditionally masquerade balls were held before Lent, but there’s nothing to stop you from dressing to the nines, and slipping into a different character for the night in a grown-ups-only setting. Call the babysitter for this one – after all, this is one of the many Easter party ideas you have to go to!

Easter Masquerade Ball

5. Children’s Traditional Carnival

Back to thinking about a family-fun affair, a traditional fete-style carnival is always a memorable day. Go back in time with traditional Victorian carnival games such as ring toss, bean bag toss and musical chairs. You could also hire a magician, face painters and balloon artists. All generations young and old will appreciate the good-natured fun of this Easter party theme, and you’ll be sure to create some great stories in years to come of good, wholesome fun.

Childrens Traditional Easter Carnival

6. Casino Night

Easter doesn’t always have to be filled with images of cute baby animals and nice, sensible things. After all, how many bank holidays do we get in the year? This one’s for the friends who deserve a night off and want to really let their hair down. Bring in the roulette wheels, and a blackjack table, and top it all off with a charming croupier to run the show of events. 

Of course, you don’t have to play with real money if that’s not your style, but among friends… what could go wrong with raising the stakes a little? To get really into the theme, tell your guests it’s a black-tie event. All they need to bring is a poker face.

casino night for an easter party

7. Easter Latin Fiesta

Bring a Latin twist to your Easter extravaganza, and host a fiesta! The venue should be decorated in bright, vivid colours, and of course there’ll be a pinata, whether or not you’re planning to invite children. In Mexico, it’s traditional to throw ‘cascarones’ – coloured egg shells filled with confetti – over someone’s head, so make sure you source a load of those too. And make sure you’re not hosting this party in your house, because that clean up is going to be a nightmare…

For the grown-ups, serve margaritas and mezcal, and bring a lively band in in the evening. You’ll need a large dance floor for all the salsa steps you’ll be making, and space to fit all those sombreros too. Luckily at Canvas House, that’s exactly what we have, which is what makes us a great choice for your party venue hire in Melbourne.

easter latin fiesta party ideas

8. Garden Party

Sometimes keeping things chic and simple is the most foolproof way to pull off one of your many memorable Easter party ideas. Most of us associate Easter with a time to be with close friends and family at a private venue, and there’s no need to pull out any showstoppers to impress our nearest and dearest. On the other hand, hosting a traditional garden party is pretty unusual these days.

So why not host one served with afternoon tea, perhaps a band or musician hired for some relaxing soft jazz, and keep things straightforward but classy. Bring out the deckchairs and parasols, and make the focus of your party spending precious time with loved ones. Embellish your party space with bunting and fairy lights and create an atmosphere that is ever so slightly elevated than being in your own back garden, but feels just as cosy.

garden easter party ideas

9. Great Gatsby Soiree

Everyone loves a 1920s party theme, and there’s something about Easter that just makes it feel like the perfect time of year to host one. Maybe it’s all the glitter and silver serving as the luxury take on all things shiny and new. Whatever excuse you use to wrangle putting on your sparkly garments, enjoying cocktails and host this classic party theme,  a night whisked off to the roaring twenties is sure to be a hit. 

You’ll have champagne flowing, served in traditional coupe glasses, with floating canapes for nibbles all night long. You could invite a jazz singer or skiffle band to create a totally immersive experience in soft candlelight and keep all your decor in line with what was ‘trending’ 100 years ago.

great gatsby soiree easter party themes

10. Cosy Bonfire

Let’s face it, here in Melbourne, Easter marks the beginning of longer nights and colder days, rather than the opposite. So why not lean into it? A cosy autumnal Easter theme is a bit unusual, but still guaranteed to create lovely memories. Turn your venue into one big warm living room, with tartan throws and soft furnishings everywhere. 

And when it gets dark, head into the private outdoor courtyard at Canvas House, and gather round a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and recounting forgotten stories. You could even write down what troubling anxieties or stressors you want to let go of on paper, then tear them up and throw them into the fire.

cosy bonfire for an easter party idea

Fun Easter Party Ideas and Themes To Consider:

As you can see, hosting an Easter party doesn’t have to be restricted to a garish pink and yellow aesthetic that involves far too much chocolate which ends up forgotten about and melted everywhere in the afternoon sun. There are so many ways you can celebrate the Easter weekend, whether with friends, family or both. 

These 10 Easter party ideas and exceptional party themes should give you some creative inspiration for planning your party, but here at Canvas House, we don’t just give you the keys to our show-stopping venue and leave you to your own devices (unless that’s exactly what you want!). 

Our dedicated team of experienced event planners are ready and passionate to help you host the best bash ever. Send a quick inquiry today or take a look at our gallery for some inspiration to make your Easter party ideas a reality.

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